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You do not know what to do?

Have any doubts about your choice?

"Predictions Ball" will help you in any situation and will respond to your question!

1. Think about what you want to ask. Questions that can be answered "yes" or "not" may be asked.

2. Concentrate! Think about your question!

3. Activate the ball!

4. Look at the answer.

Questions that can be answered affirmatively or negatively can be asked, as if asking for advice.

Examples of the right questions:

- Should I get bald haircut, Ball?

- Should I "like" her avatar, Ball?

- Should I choose a short way, Ball?

Examples of incorrect questions which the ball does not answer:

- What is my name, Ball?

- How long, Ball?

- Guess what number I had in mind, Ball?

A warning:

Should remember that the answers, which are given by ball, may not correspond to reality, and this app is created for your fun.

And also add your answers in application and give your friends to ask something from the ball!

They will be surprised that the ball knows so much about them.

Seeking simple answers to difficult questions? Confused about your relationship with someone? Or simply can’t make a business decision? Sometimes you have to leave it all up to fate — and let the Magic 8 Ball be your guide.

Just like a Mystical Ball used by a professional fortune-teller, the Magic Ball can display various options for the future. Ask anything — and the Fortune Telling Magic Ball will send a karmic sign.

The Magic 8 Ball, like the mystifying oracle, pawns easily through the unknown, anticipating how the wheel of destiny will turn. The mysterious world of magic, prophecies, divinations, and rituals is its native element!

Time to see into the future!

1. Figure out your question. Use only Yes or No questions.

2. Concentrate on your question.

3. Activate the Fortune Telling Magic Ball

4. Read the answer

Remember that you are the only person to create your way of life! And it’s up to you to change it! And the Magic 8 Ball will assist you on that way.

But that's not the end of the magic trick!

The mystery of fortune is enormous! The Lucky Wheel will help you make the right choice. Just fill in the list of possible decisions and run the Fortune Wheel! When the Roulette stops, the choice will be evident!

Еverything is at stake? Need to choose between Yes and No? Sometimes every single thing depends on one choice. Try to toss the coin, heads or tails, you know. Situations may be different — the only thing you need is to select the side of the coin and to put faith in chance. As it is said, when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for.

And even now the world of divination is far broader!

The Random Number Generator can help to make a timing list or set a deadline for daily tasks, split competitors, or role game players into teams, and even select the lottery or bet winner. Randomizer is easy to use. Just click Start, and the mysterious oracle will generate a random number within the two selected numbers.

“Who pays the bill?” or “Who comes first?” — the Tap Roulette will help to draw lots among friends. Press start after everyone puts his finger down on the phone screen — and got ya! — only one will be selected.

Its high time to face your destiny with all your weapons ready!

Android 4.0.3+

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